GLWG trading card sniper

Sniper Trading Card

Snipers cost 250 coins in Great Little War Game, or 200 (or 150 with upgrade 3) in Great Big War Game. They have a 2-3 Fire range, and can kill most Infantry Units in one shot.


  1. You can destroy enemy Jeeps in one shot with a Sniper at full health.
  2. In Great Big War Game snipers have slightly more hit points
  3. In Great Big War Game a sniper with upgrade 2 can survive a shot from another sniper
  4. A good way to defeat snipers is by shooting them 1 space away
  5. use high ground to make Sniper more effective
  6. Don't use Snipers to kill Commanders,because if the Commander Survived,the Commander will Hurt or even Kill the Sniper
  7. Snipers are very weak againts most vehicles,so use Snipers for Infrantry units
  8. Sniper's are Infantry killers,so watch their range (always do this when your general is near the Sniper)
  9. Don't expect your Grunt,Bazooka,Grenadier to survive a Sniper's attack (even if the Sniper has low HP)
  10. Killing a sniper with a sniper in one shot with no promotions exist in GLWG 1

Damage distributionEdit

vs. infantry - very high
vs. vehicles - minimal
vs. ships - none
vs. air - none
vs. turrets - low
vs. buildings - minimal

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Sniper BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Sniper [edit]
Defence +10% Defence +10% Price -50 Coins Fire range +1
Cost: 6 BattlePoint Cost: 6 BattlePoint (Sub: 12 BattlePoint) Cost: 8 BattlePoint (Sub: 20 BattlePoint) Cost: 10 BattlePoint (Total: 30 BattlePoint)


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