Picture of a scout.

Scouts cannot shoot, but they can be used to uncover the Fog of War, with a Visibility range of five or six, for only 50 coins.


  1. In online matches, create some Scouts and move them as far as you can so you can see more of the terrain. Now restart the turn and you will now have a better idea of what the enemy is doing.
  2. Kill as many Scouts closer than 4 spaces away from a Barracks, as they will spawn more, and you will gain easy Hail Mary stars and promotions.

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Scout BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Scout [edit]
Defence +10% Visibility +1 Defence +10% Distance +10%
Cost: 2 BattlePoint Cost: 2 BattlePoint (Sub: 4 BattlePoint) Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Sub: 8 BattlePoint) Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Total: 12 BattlePoint)


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