GLWG trading card mlrs

MRLS Trading Card

MLRS Units can damage Vehicle Units from far away.


They have 3 Ammo, and can shoot units from 3-5 spaces away in GBWG (2-4 in GLWG).


  1. You can kill multiple Units in one turn, allowing you to get Hail Mary Boosts and promotions much quicker.

Upgrade SeriesEdit

MLRS BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for MLRS [edit]
Attack +10% Defence +10% Price -50 Coins Attack Range +1
Cost: 6 BattlePoint Cost: 6 BattlePoint (Sub: 12 BattlePoint) Cost: 8 BattlePoint (Sub: 20 BattlePoint) Cost: 10 BattlePoint (Total: 30 BattlePoint)


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Vehicle units: Anti-Air Tank, Artillery, Battle Tank, Behemoth, Flame Tank** (Map Pack One), Jeep*, MLRS, Recon Tank, Supply Truck, Tank Killer**
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Technician units* **: Air Turret, Land Mine, Pounder, Sentry Gun
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