GLWG trading card Grenadier

Grenadier Trading Card

Grenadiers can throw grenades over walls, and has Splash Damage in GBWG.


  1. You can kill multiple Units in one hit, allowing you to get Hail Mary Boosts and promotions much quicker.
  2. Grenadier vs 50% hp Behemoth,Grenadier wins in 2-3 days
  3. Grenadier can throw grenades over some Obsticles
  4. Don't Bomb Sniper's,it's a very bad idea.
  5. High ground+Grenadier= 20%HP Commander with grenades
  6. Grenadiers should be used on Grunt's,Engineer,Medic,Recon tanks,and a lot more

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Grenadier BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Grenadier [edit]
Attack +10% Defence +10% Attack +10% Attack + 20%
Cost: 6 BattlePoint Cost: 6 BattlePoint (Sub: 12 BattlePoint) Cost: 8 BattlePoint (Sub: 20 BattlePoint) Cost: 10 BattlePoint (Total: 30 BattlePoint)


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