GLWG trading card engineer

Engineer Trading Card.

Engineers are used to capture Buildings. In GLWG, they are as strong as Grunts and cost only 50 coins, while in GBWG they cost 100 coins and can get killed in one shot by a Grunt. In both games, they carry no weapons, so a military escort is advised.


  1. Since 1.2, placing ten Engineers in range of your opponent's HQ is cheaper than using multiple Behemoths to destroy the HQ in one turn, especially when you use the Hail Mary Power Boost Boost, where it is reduced to just seven Engineers.
  2. Place two or more Engineers nearby some of your Shop Buildings, so that they can recapture the building quickly. Make sure that they don't spot the Engineers or else they will quickly kill them.
  3. PROTECT THIS MAN AT ALL COSTS. Your priorities in GLWG should be: Objective, Neutral Buildings/Oil Rigs, Engineers, Snipers, Artillery, Everything else. Engineers are your most important units on the battlefield, save for the occasional General. Keep him safe.


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