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An HQ being destroyed in GBWG.

Buildings are objects in GLWG and GBWG. Four buildings serve to create Units (these include Barracks, Factories, Ship Yards, and Airbases). Shops and Repair Bays repair the owner's units on their pad at the start of the owner's turn. Other buildings like Oil Derricks generate coins on the start of the owner's turn, Radars reveal the Fog of War, and HQs are to be destoyed to win the game. Buildings can be captured by Engineers (except HQs in GBWG) in both GLWG and GBWG, or can be damaged by Units in GBWG.

Shop BuildingsEdit

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Shop Buildings are where you purchase Units.


If an enemy Unit is interfering with the Pad, it will be destroyed. Remember to not place a Unit directly on an enemy Building's Pad.

in GLWG 1 if you place an unit on the pad it will die,but will make it impposible to spawn units with that building's pad


  1. If you can't capture a Building, damage it. It will temporarily degrade the operation of that building.
    1. When shop buildings are damaged, the damage causes units to be spawned at the building's health divided by 2 plus 50%.
    2. Oil Derricks when damaged will only give 50 Coins multiplied by the Derrick's health.
    3. HQ Buildings is impossible to repair in gameplay, which means the more damaged your HQ is, the higher the chance of the enemy winning, or you failing the mission. Also, engineers cannot capture an HQ in Great Big War Game, and any attempts to capture an HQ will damage it.
Type GBWG Buildings
Shops Barracks, Factory, Ship Yard, Airbase
Other Oil Derrick, HQ, Repair Bay, Radar

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