The Jeep in this picture is affected by the rendering bug, thus causing it to look red and blue.

There is a rendering bug in the iOS version of Great Little War Game when loading a bugged unit's texture after a new match is started. Units affected by the bug will appear as a mixture of red and blue. When a new mission or game is started, the game crashes.

Affected devicesEdit

This is only confirmed to occur on iPhone 4, but it could happen on iPhone 3GS and earlier because it is slower than the iPhone 4S, which is not affected by this bug. It probably happens because it is too slow to correctly load all the Unit textures, so it loads incorrectly, and then crashes the app, because it trys to load a broken texture, so it does not load. The instant it attempts to use the texture, it crashes to the Home Screen.

This bug does not exist in Great Big War Game, because it has been completely built from the ground up. This bug similarly might not exist in Great Little War Game 2 as it was released after GBWG, thus there is a chance that it is based of GBWG.


  • Crashes to Home Screen.
  • The Artillery in this picture is rendered incorrectly.