Black Gold is the fourth mission in GLWG. To win, you must have 2000 oil at one time.


  • Capture the four nearest oil rigs and guard them VEHEMENTLY. These rigs are: the two in the middle, and the two on the downwards-left side after capturing the middle ones.
  • NEVER. LET. YOUR. VEHICLES. GET. KILLED. Delete all enemy Bazookas and Snipers IMMEDIATELY. This goes double if they're targeting your Artillery (the missile launcher) or your Supply Truck (basically meals on wheels). The Jeeps are important for mobility, but you can sacrifice them if you need to distract some snipers (not really recommended)
  • Remember, your goal isn't to kill everyone, it's to have 2,000 oil in the bank. This encourages a highly defensive playstyle. Capture some rigs, defend them at all costs.
  • Also, make sure to capture the vehicle repair station (the weird hut thing). On your next turn any vehicle standing there becomes fully repaired, refueled, and reloaded.

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